Fruits for sale

I sometimes have sufficient quantities of fruits to sell. Mostly what I have available are tangerines and Seville oranges, which I sell over winter the at local farmers market, and pickup of bulk orders at the farm. Sorry, no shipping of citrus.

I post online photos of many different types of fruits which I have only in small quantities, or which grew off site. People often inquire about purchasing them. If you don’t see a particular fruit listed on this page, that means I don’t have it for sale.


Sunburst tangerines are usually ripe in December and January.

The main tangerine variety I grow is ‘Sunburst’, a particularly brightly colored and intensely flavored variety. The season usually goes from December to early February. Most years, I have enough tangerines from my grove that I sell the fruits at local farmers markets, and people can arrange to pick up large orders of fruit on site at my farm.

Because I sell directly from farmer to consumer, I am able to take a number of steps to make sure customers are getting tangerines that are at absolute peak flavor. While many growers pick early to enable fruits to maintain shelf life while going through a distribution supply chain, I leave tangerines on the tree until they reach peak sweetness and flavor. That varies from tree to tree, based largely on how much sun or shade the tree gets. I do a lot of sampling as I harvest, to make sure I’m picking the very sweetest fruit possible.

To make sure people are getting the freshest fruit, I try to pick within 24 hours of when it will go to the customer. Often I pick the same day. Even though these fruits can stay in excellent condition for many weeks on the tree, once you pick them, that starts the clock ticking before the flavor starts to degrade. If you keep them refrigerated, they should maintain excellent flavor for at least a couple of weeks, often longer.

‘Sunburst’ tangerines are excellent for juicing. The juice is intensely sweet and flavorful. Some people find it a little too powerful, and they dilute it with water.

The 2022-2023 crop of tangerines is now sold out. The next crop should start getting sweet enough to sell in December 2023.

Seville Orange

Seville oranges (aka sour orange or naranja agria) have an intense orange-like flavor, and are tart like a lemon or lime. Highly valued in cooking, drinks and marinades.

Seville oranges (also known as naranja agria or sour orange) have an intense orange flavor, almost more “orange-y” than regular sweet oranges, and are highly aromatic. Unlike sweet oranges, they are sour like a lemon or lime. Not usually used for eating out of hand, Seville oranges are prized in many cuisines around the world for use in drinks, marinades, salad dressings, and as a flavoring ingredient. They make an excellent “lemonade”. I usually have Seville oranges available from December until about July, sometimes later.

Not available for shipping, these are for pickup on the farm in Citra (halfway between Ocala and Gainesville). Message me to set up your order.

Seville Orange, 50 cents/pound, $25 minimum order (unless you are also buying plants, in which case there is no min order)